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At FixidFitness, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have been a leading facility since 2019. Our staff members at FixidFitness are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you in shape is our goal. Learn more about our methods.


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At FixidFitness we’ve designed a number of workouts for people at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. Or if you just want to lose weight and keep active, we have the workout for you. Pick and choose the style that you like, when it best fits your schedule. Book your spot now in our next sweatfest.


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Join us for Weight Lifting and exercise your way to a healthy body and mind. Weight Lifting techniques build a strong body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. Treat yourself today — you deserve it!


Find Your Confidence

Join us for Kickboxing and exercise your way to a healthy body and mind. Kickboxing techniques build a strong body from which one can reduce stress and find their inner confidence. Treat yourself today — you deserve it!

Core Training

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We’re going to pump you up! Strengthen and tone your body by letting one of our certified pros teach you proper form and different fitness routines. This will help to improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your body will thank you.


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